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Cheryl Hines

Teaches Hot Yoga and Intro to Yoga

Cheryl, a cheerful resident of Amelia Island, also has a deep connection to her roots in New England, especially, New Hampshire. She shares a deep love for Yoga, with Power Yoga topping the list. She has two beautiful daughters, both Yoga teachers as well.
Her dynamic classes fuse the many of styles of yoga she’s practiced for the last 12 years. She draws from Anusara, Ashtanga, Power, Mind/Body, Yin, Bhakti, and Vinyasa Beat Flow. She has attended Leslie Kaminoff’s Yoga Anatomy workshop, Hemi Sync Meditations, Arm Balance Workshops by Deb Cunningham & Restorative Yoga workshops. Cheryl is living proof that yoga can be a powerful active meditation with unmeasurable positive benefits to ones body and mind.
Also, as former aerobic instructor, and dancer she uses her creative ability to incorporate all music genres into her classes. This talent offers a unique & spirited yoga experience. Yoga came off the mat for Cheryl during a devastating terminal family illness, and has been instrumental in her healing process.
Certifications include RYT 200 hour teacher training with Yoga Den in Jacksonville, by Allison Foreacre, Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga and Fitness Training with Omcore Yoga & Body, by Patricia Ploeger and Deb Cunningham.
Forever thankful for her first yoga class, as she found a wonderful mix of length, strength, balance, all with a touch of softness, mind connection and oh yes the breath! She wants your first class to be all of that and more. As your teacher it is Cheryl’s intention to bring you a bit deeper into your yoga practice one class at a time. She invites you to come and discover your inner strength while we walk this vartma (path) together. Close to the heavens we find nature…where we find solitude, peace, and reflection. May we grow and sway together like trees in this powerful practice of yoga