Dance Trance is a choreographed fitness program that teaches dance combinations and cardio moves that are super fun, high energy, and leaves you wanting more! This awesome workout will help you to tone and shape your body, build your cardiovascular endurance, and even lose weight all while learning fun, hip dance moves!

Break Down class is the soul of our program. In this class, the instructor will “break down” the new song from beginning to end, repeatedly walking through the steps with and without music. This allows each student to learn the individual steps and sequences of the new song, setting everyone up for an experience that is successful and full of fun! A new song is introduced to our class every week.

Dance Trance (DT), is the full on, high energy dance class that entails moving and grooving for a full hour of back to back songs that you learned in Break Down. You’re guaranteed to sweat it out in this class… with a smile on your face! The DT choreography is created in a manner that allows students to pick up combinations that will repeat throughout the routine. This class is all about the music…. we totally promote setting yourself free, let go, and become one with the rhythm and flow of the music.


  • Christie Frahm
  • Marlee Murray
  • Michelle Sharpe
  • Sarah Sandall
  • Stephanie Mooney