Our Team

Passion & Dedication

The key drive for all of the instructors here at The Beat Fitness is the underlying love for wellness and the passion for the classes that we teach. This in itself helps us to stand out from the rest. The overall health and wellness of our members is top priority for each of us. Together, our passion and dedication will help you to achieve your goals… safely and effectively. All while having the time of your life.

You’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face and a sweaty shirt on your back.

All of our instructors are Professionally Certified in each of their class formats, as well as CPR and AED certified.

Stephanie Mooney

Stephanie teaches PIYO, TRX, Dance Trance, Pound, and Spin. After ten years of teaching kindergarten and eleven years as a stay at home mom, she found Dance Trance “brought her back to life.” Stephanie cares about the quality of each members experience and enjoyment they get from their workout. Focusing on mentoring and encouragement, members leave Stephanie’s classes knowing they are capable of achieving their goals and improving their overall wellness. When she’s not at The Beat, Stephanie loves gardening, learning to cook, and spending time with her husband and three kids enjoying days at the beach and movie nights together.

Bill Mooney

Bill teaches Flexx-It, P90x, Core de Force, and Spin. He started lifting weights at the age of 14 and soon after entered his first of many natural body building competitions. In Bill’s classes, he focuses on good form and control all while making the workout fun. When he’s not hard at work, Bill loves spending time with his family by the pool or at the beach.

Michelle Sharpe

Michelle teaches Dance Trance, Flexx-It, Core de Force, and P90x. She has a passion for healthy living and an energetic zeal for fitness. After 17 years of missing dance, she found Dance Trance and became an instructor to help others find their way back to the dance floor in Amelia Island. In her free time, Michelle loves to cook with friends and family and spend time at the beach.

April Lacoss

April teaches Spin. Growing up in a competitive and athletic family, she was raised to love exercise. Her mother is her inspiration and after the loss of her father due to a heart attack at the young age of 48, April was led to become a fitness coach. She is passionate about what she does and loves helping people fall in love with fitness. When she’s not in the spin room, she’s always looking form a new challenge. April is a triathlete and loves fishing, paddle boarding, hunting and spending time with her family.

Ashley Gordon

Ashley teaches Spin. After three years as a spin student, she was excited to have the opportunity to teach. Ashley loves meeting new people and helping others achieve their fitness goals. When she’s not on the spin bike, she loves spending time at the beach with husband and three boys.

Brett Manzie

Brett teaches TRX. The high stress and unhealthy diet that comes with college life led Brett to start exercising. Brett started as a TRX student over ten years ago and was excited to become an instructor. It’s Brett’s fun personality, his love of exercise, and his passion for TRX that make him a great instructor. In his free time, he loves to travel. Brett has visited over 13 countries and can’t wait to visit more.

Carol Rossmeissl

Carol teaches TRX and Pilates. Living with severe injuries inspired Carol to become a fitness instructor. She found that dealing with an injury is easier when the rest of your body is healthy and strong. With her extreme energy, Carol motivates and encourages her students to their full potential. When Carol isn’t teaching she loves to train for tough mudders, swim, bike the trails, run, and do yoga.

Cheryl Hines

Cheryl teaches Yoga and Spin. After misreading a schedule, Cheryl attended her first Yoga class by mistake and hasn’t looked back. Drawing from many styles of yoga, she uses her creative abilities to incorporate all genres of music in to her classes, fostering a unique and spirited Yoga experience for members. When she’s not in the studio, she loves paddle boarding, skiing, hiking, biking, and just about everything outdoors.

Christie Frahm

Christie teaches Dance Trance. She got started in the fitness industry to be healthy and to feel better about herself. She is great at teaching members of all levels, while helping them have fun and feel comfortable on the dance floor. Away from the studio, she loves to travel, read, go to the beach, and watch dance TV and Broadway shows.

Eliza Young

Eliza teaches Yoga. She was introduced to yoga by her mother, also a teacher, and has practiced yoga throughout her life to maintain strength and flexibility. Eliza is also a breast cancer survivor and has used yoga for her own healing as well as sharing the healing benefits of yoga with others. She is RYT 200 and  CPF certified.

Elizabeth Akins

Elizabeth teaches Spin & HITT Spin. After many years as a spin student, she was asked to lead a class at her local studio. She was hooked from that point forward. Liz’s passion for music and fitness shine through as she pushes the members to new levels. Elizabeth loves to follow music and attend concerts when she’s not on the spin bike or taking care of her family. She dreams of learning to play an instrument and be in a band.

Julie Mooney

Julie teaches Flexx-lt, and P90x. She is a lifelong athlete. Recently completing her first marathon and triathlons, she was inspired to become a fitness instructor to share her passion for health and wellness with others. It’s her experience as a teacher along with her friendly personality that makes members feel welcome and comfortable in her classes. In her free time, Julie likes to compete in fitness challenges, attend wine tastings, and spend time outdoors with her family.

Kristina Doiron

Kristina teaches Punchography™. Dancing since she was three years old, the fitness industry was a natural path for her. Her patience, attention to detail, and great sense of humor make Kristina an amazing instructor. When the boxing gloves come off, Kristina loves to spend time at the beach with her husband and dog.

LeighAnn Patten

Leigh Ann teaches Yoga and Spin. Leigh Ann’s journey as a fitness instructor started with her love of yoga how it makes you feel better both mentally and physically. She loves creating dynamic and challenging flows to get members out of their heads, turning their practice into a moving meditation. Leigh Ann challenges members to their own individual limits, while providing clear modifications. Her classes are so fun, you’ll forget you are working. When Leigh Ann is not in the studio, she loves spending time on the beach with her family with a great book in hand.

Sarah Sandall

Sarah teaches Dance Trance, and Flexx-It. Sarah is a life-long dancer who started biking and taking weight training classes after her first child. When she discovered Dance Trance and became an instructor, she was hooked. Sarah loves the energy of working out together with members and helping them feel more confident. When she’s not working out or on the dance floor, she loves to read, perform in local theatre productions, and catch up on sleep.

Scott Najimy

Scott teaches Spin. He has always enjoyed being active. Growing up he was active in team sports and as time passed he found the gym. Scott believes in hard work and loves to see the results from giving it your all. As a fitness instructor, he hopes to pass his passion on to the members. When Scott’s off the spin bike he loves spending time with his family, being outside, mountain biking, skiing and rock climbing.

Susie Dodge

Susie teaches Kickboxing, P90x, Core de Force, and TRX. After years in the professional dance world and becoming a mother, a transition to the fitness world was a perfect fit for her. Members love the waySusie gets to know them and listens to their individual needs while sharing her wealth of knowledge. Her classes are as challenging as they are fun. Away from the studio, Susie loves to catch up on sleep and spend time on the beach.

Tina Allen

Tina teaches Core de Force and PiYo. Looking for a way to lose her post baby weight, she discovered PiYo. Tina saw such great results she was inspired to become an instructor. She cares about members fitness goals and works hard to help them achieve them. In her free time, Tina loves to cook, entertain friends, and lounge by the pool or on the beach.