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Stephanie Mooney

Stephanie teaches PIYO, TRX, Dance Trance, Pound, and Spin. After ten years of teaching kindergarten and eleven years as a stay at home mom, she found Dance Trance “brought her back to life.” Stephanie cares about the quality of each members experience and enjoyment they get from their workout. Focusing on mentoring and encouragement, members

Michelle Sharpe

Michelle teaches Dance Trance, Flexx-It, Core de Force, and P90x. She has a passion for healthy living and an energetic zeal for fitness. After 17 years of missing dance, she found Dance Trance and became an instructor to help others find their way back to the dance floor in Amelia Island. In her free time, Michelle

Sarah Sandall

Sarah teaches Dance Trance, and Flexx-It. Sarah is a life-long dancer who started biking and taking weight training classes after her first child. When she discovered Dance Trance and became an instructor, she was hooked. Sarah loves the energy of working out together with members and helping them feel more confident. When she’s not working out