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Flexx-It is light barbell or dumbbell regimen that emphasizes a full body workout with a minimal risk of injury. This class differs from the competition byl teaching you how to push yourself to your limits while emphasizing proper technique and safety to prevent the possibility of injury. Flexx-It focuses on resistance weight training program with

Julie Mooney

Julie teaches Flexx-lt, and P90x. She is a lifelong athlete. Recently completing her first marathon and triathlons, she was inspired to become a fitness instructor to share her passion for health and wellness with others. It’s her experience as a teacher along with her friendly personality that makes members feel welcome and comfortable in her classes.

Sarah Sandall

Sarah teaches Dance Trance, and Flexx-It. Sarah is a life-long dancer who started biking and taking weight training classes after her first child. When she discovered Dance Trance and became an instructor, she was hooked. Sarah loves the energy of working out together with members and helping them feel more confident. When she’s not working out