Why Us?

Genuine, Caring, Motivating

Childcare Available

INCLUDED IN EVERY MEMBERSHIP. Our childcare room is packed with fun, educational and engaging toys that will safely entertain your child while you work out. It is staffed with nurturing and attentive caregivers that will supervise and entertain your child. Each staff member is CPR and AED certified.

Educated and Passionate Instructors

Every one of our instructors shares a love of fitness, music, and comradery. And because, they too, have found peace of mind, physical wellness, and enjoyment through programs like Dance Trance, Boxing, TRX and Cycle; they are thrilled to assist you in having the same benefits. All of The Beat’s instructors are CPR Certified and stay up to date in their program certifications.

Unique Classes

Each class is one of a kind, unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced before. With a wide variety of class formats, we’ve got you covered from head to toe. Together, our nine unique group fitness classes will encompass a well-rounded, whole body exercise regimen that will enhance your flexibility, balance, endurance, strength, coordination, and cardio health. From special lighting to set the mood to upbeat music to drive you, coupled with engaging instructors and top of the line equipment, there’s no way you’re going to walk away without a smile and a little bit of sweat on your back.

Overall Wellness

Together, our 12 unique group fitness classes encompass a well-rounded, whole body exercise.

Health and Nutrition Education

From books clubs to seminars, The Beat Fitness offers many opportunities for wellness growth and health education. We offer FREE Wellness Workshops every other Friday that are open to our members as well as the general public. Our guest speakers help to raise awareness in areas of fitness, nutrition, hydration, stretching, sleep, mindfulness, and overall wellness.

Social Community

Nothing says fun like hanging with your bestie…. or should I say besties! Working out in a group and supporting one another not only provides social camaraderie, but stimulates lasting friendships, assists in attaining like-minded goals, makes working out fun, and holds you accountable for showing up!! From ending the long week with your favorite class followed by our popular Friday Happy Hour, to getting involved in community events as a group… the possibilities are endless and the friendships are everlasting.

Limitless Class Choices

With over 20 classes offered each day, totaling over 100 classes a week, you can mix it up any way you desire. We’ve covered all the bases that encompass a well-rounded workout regimen, with classes formatted to enhance and condition your heart health (Cardio), build muscle endurance and power (Strength Training) or to increase your flexibility and center your body and mind (Stretch). These three components together will enhance your overall wellness. Not sure which class you may like the best… then come try it out for free! Yes… that’s right – your first class is always free! So why not give it a try? You can’t go wrong – and you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face and a sweaty tank on your back.

Variety of Class Times

With a structured class schedule and dispersed rotation of programs… you are guaranteed to find a class that you love at the time you need. With a class pattern that repeats on set days, you will have the ability to work out with your favorite friends, in your favorite class, at your favorite time. Does it get any better than that? Yep…. it sure does, because our classes start early in the morning and end late in the evening.

State of the Art Facility!

State of the Art Facility!

Renovated from TOP TO BOTTOM, we didn’t miss a beat when it came to providing you with high quality service, cutting edge equipment, and immaculate design.…. You’ll feel it when you first enter our facility.  Every nook and cranny has been addressed, fine-tuned and polished clean.  Simply Beautiful… just see for yourself!