Mindful Meditation Workshop with Yoga Nidra Nov 17 from 1-3pm!

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Workshop Information

So the holidays are upon us.... yep - right around the corner, literally!  And as much as we look forward to these special moments, cherished family time and togetherness, it certainly can become overwhelming, crazy and stressful..... that is, if we let it!  That's why at The BEAT Fitness we've decided to begin our next Mindfulness Workshop series "pre-holiday" and continue to practice these methods throughout the season... to help us to stay centered, focused, grateful, and completely open and aware of every beautiful moment that is to come. Join us each Saturday at 1:00pm for an enlightening experience, beginning with our Mindful Eating Workshop this Saturday, Oct 27 from 1-3pm with Cheryl Hines.  Each Mindfulness Workshop will follow up with "Wine" Down Yoga class that will involve sampling of specialty wine prior to a gentle, warm stretch.  

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Island Yoga In Motion

This Yoga Cardio Mix is for everybody! Guaranteed to invigorate your senses and enable you to tune into the power of mother nature. Moving through these 75 minutes will allow you to create the blue mind effect and harness the power of natures 5 elements. Tap into cardio as we move briskly along our Islands beautiful beaches and treelined sidewalks. Intermittent stops will provide time to incorporate Yoga's systematic approach to breath, stretch, and balance. Move through Vinyasa flow to the sound of the ocean waves, and fill your lungs with negative ions. These are just a few of the perks this class offers.  This creative approach will nourish your soul and revitalize your body. 

First Class begins Tuesday, Nov 6th and ends Dec 18th.
(No class on Thanksgiving)

Drop-Ins are Welcome!

Reasons to take this practice outside:

1. You’ll sleep better...Water, Sunlight, Fresh Air      and Movement will help with insomnia. 

2. Ocean Air is a wonderful, natural source for      Prana.

3. Earthing or Grounding has immense benefits.

4. Burst of Vitamin D.

5. Studies have shown the immune system      improves after outdoor activities.

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Genuine, Caring, Motivating

Trainers Who Care

The Beat Fitness Amelia Island

Each of our instructors share a love of fitness, music, and camaraderie. They found peace of mind, physical wellness, and enjoyment through programs like Dance Trance, Boxing, TRX and more.  Their passion and dedication is obvious when you're in their class because they are thrilled to assist you in having the same health benefits.   Our trainers are professionally certified in each of their class formats, as well as CPR and AED certified. 

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Overall Wellness

The Beat Fitness Amelia Island wellness program

In addition to our well-rounded exercise programs, you'll also find many opportunities for wellness growth and health education at our studio.   From books clubs and seminars, and even Free Wellness Workshops...  we strive to help raise awareness in areas of fitness, nutrition, hydration, stretching, sleep, mindfulness, acceptance, gratitude and overall wellness.  You won't find a more accepting and nuturing environment. Open to members and the public.

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Social Community

The Beat Fitness Amelia Island Community

Working out in a group and supporting one another not only provides social camaraderie, but stimulates lasting friendships, assists in attaining like-minded goals, makes working out fun, and holds you accountable for showing up! From ending the long week with your favorite class, to sharing and caring during our popular Friday Happy Hour, in addition to getting involved in community events as a group…the possibilities are endless and the friendships are everlasting!

Class Schedule

Now Offering Virtual Spin Classes Every Monday and Wednesday at 10:15am

November Awareness Campaigns

Hot Yoga in Tallahassee

Our hearts are heavy and deeply burdened by this terrible tragedy in Tallahassee on Friday evening.  I’m so distraught and taken back when thinking of these ugly crimes that take innocent lives, and worse,  seem to be more prevalent every time I turn around.  Please place Hot Yoga Tallahassee and all their families and friends in your hearts and prayers.  If you feel the need to help,  we are sharing a link below. 

A little as it may seem... this outreach may in some small way help lift their spirits.   We all know the lives of the two victims can never be replaced, and that is just heartbreaking, nor can the memories and nightmares be erased.  Prayers, love and support are all we can give. 

Hug those close to you, be kind to one another... and please be reminded how fragile and tender life is.  

Thank you Deb Cunningham​ for sharing this link with me 

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Community Events

Did You Know?

Mens Yoga & Craft Beer

This special class is geared just for men. With a heated room to warm the muscles and simple postures that are easy to follow and hold,  this class is suitable for any ability level.  Whether a beginner or seasoned yogi at heart, we welcome the men into this gentle class of ease and acceptance.  Be sure to stay after class for some social time and ice cold craft beer.

FREE Yoga for Cancer Patients

Every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm.  This very special Candlelight Restorative yoga class is designed with gentleness in mind to assist in healing; whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.  A welcoming and accepting class open to all, yet FREE to anyone that has been impacted by cancer (even friends and family). October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Island Yoga in Motion

This 6 week program begins November 6 and will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30am.  Class will meet at the Scott Road Beach Access. Guaranteed to invigorate your senses and enable you to tune into the power of mother nature.  Move through Vinyasa flow to the sound of the ocean waves, filling  your lungs with negative ions.  Breathe, Stretch, Balance.

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