Wednesdays 6:30pm Heated Power Yoga followed by 7:30pm Yoga Nidra!

Premiere Fitness Studio on Amelia Island

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Wellness Fusion

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Super Fun Dance Fitness

Thursdays 5:30pm and

every other Friday 9:15am

with Alicia Crane!

Bootylicious & Big Ball Bounce


BOOTYLICIOUS:  Abs, Glutes, Core and More

Wednesdays 5:15pm

BIG BALL BOUNCE:  Dancing, Core & Strength...   all on a ball!

Wednesdays 6:15pm

Mommy and Me Yoga


Ages 6 Weeks Up to Crawlers

Yoga for all new mommies and their sweet babies.  Your chance to get out of the house and meet some other new mommas!

Tuesdays 9:15am

Genuine, Caring, Motivating

Trainers Who Care

The Beat Fitness Amelia Island

Each of our instructors share a love of fitness, music, and camaraderie. They found peace of mind, physical wellness, and enjoyment through programs like Dance Trance, Boxing, TRX and more.  Their passion and dedication is obvious when you're in their class because they are thrilled to assist you in having the same health benefits.   Our trainers are professionally certified in each of their class formats, as well as CPR and AED certified.   The Beat Fitness in Fernandina Beach is the premier fitness studio on Amelia Island.

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Overall Wellness

The Beat Fitness Amelia Island wellness program

In addition to our well-rounded exercise programs, you'll also find many opportunities for wellness growth and health education at our studio.   From books clubs and seminars, and even Free Wellness Workshops...  we strive to help raise awareness in areas of fitness, nutrition, hydration, stretching, sleep, mindfulness, acceptance, gratitude and overall wellness.  You won't find a more accepting and nuturing environment. Open to members and the public.  The premier Fitness Studio in Fernandina Beach.

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Social Community

The Beat Fitness Amelia Island Community

Working out in a group and supporting one another not only provides social camaraderie, but stimulates lasting friendships, assists in attaining like-minded goals, makes working out fun, and holds you accountable for showing up! From ending the long week with your favorite class, to sharing and caring during our popular Friday Happy Hour, in addition to getting involved in community events as a group…the possibilities are endless and the friendships are everlasting! The most fun and effective exercise in Fernandina Beach!

Class Schedule

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 This Small Group Personal Training series will focus on retraining and strengthening the core properly. To build your core quickly but effectively, we will focus on a series of movements that will appropriately balance all major core muscles, including the pelvic floor muscles, traverse abdominal muscles, erector spine muscles, and obliques.   Every participant will be assessed in the beginning of the program to ensure success and safety, while given homework for progression throughout the week.  Mindy is a scientific core conditioning specialist from the CHEK institute as well as a scientific back specialist.
Members $60 - Guests $75
Mondays from 12:30 - 1:00

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Yoga Den Teacher Training



Yoga Den 200 hour Teacher Training school has been certifying teachers since 2004, and this will be our 6th year offering our Yoga Alliance accredited certification on the Island. Our program has been refined and time tested, our educators are experienced and dedicated, and our partners at The Beat Fitness have a beautiful studio, and a spacious state of the art facility for you to enjoy. In our program, you can learn to teach yoga to any level of experience, or just simply enhance your own personal practice by studying on a deeper level. 

We can't wait to share our passion with you! 

Call for our Early Bird specials (904) 268-8330

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Mindfulness Classes


Join Martha Mcdowell every Monday at 8:15am and Friday at 11:15am.

This practice is a great companion to another yoga or fitness class; a complete warm up for the day.  The practice grew from movements & stretches from MindBody Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance & Spatial Dynamics, and gently leads you into the spaces previously left to the unconscious part of being. It practices a graceful, meditative way to move. Each class expands further than the last, allowing you to deepen your experience with the movements & poses. All abilities are encouraged & welcome. While each class varies depending on the makeup and size of the group, we follow a routine frame beginning with mat exercises geared specifically to open hips  at the Root & Sacral Chakras, and at the chest, Heart & Throat Chakras. This opening leads to peaceful yet dynamic movement &  balance poses. The hour closes with an image-rich Shavasana.  


BE MOVED ~ Moving Meditation

Radha will lead you through this experience as you listen to varying genres of music in a very low lit, safe space as you allow your inner-self to guide your movements.  No inhibitions, no boundaries... just freedom of expression and permission to release all that binds you.  This movement will be followed by a peaceful Yoga Nidra experience on the mat, leaving you feeling free of tension, stress, and completely relaxed.
Thursdays 8:30am

guided meditation


Enter into a state of profound relaxation. 


Deep healing on multiple layers of your being.


Accepting and allowing, at peace with youself and the world, as it is, around you.  Just Be.

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If  you are ready to start living a healthy lifestyle, send us a message to  get  started! Everyone has a unique situation, and we'll strive to accommodate  yours. The Beat Fitness is the premiere fitness studio in Fernandina Beach.  Non-judging, accepting, supportive and motivating all in a beautiful, upscale boutique studio.

The Beat Fitness

302 South 8th Street, Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034, United States




8:00am - 12:00pm

4:00pm - 7:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday:


4:15pm -7:00pm


8:00am - 12:00pm

5:00pm - 7:30pm


8:00am - 12:00pm

3:45pm - 7:00pm


8:30am - 11:30am 

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